Welcome to Frosting n’ Glaze a custom design cake business established by cake designer Jen Jensen.  Frosting n’ Glaze specializes in creating unique cakes designed especially for you or your loved ones.

Growing up “The Birthday Cake”  was always a significant event in my family.  Not only to symbolize the passing of a year and getting older but we all looked forward to my Mother’s amazing white cake covered in the most amazing frosting.  We cherished every bite and if there were left overs there was always a race to see who could get home the fastest after school to get a slice.

Once I moved away from home and I realized that the only way to get that cake again would be to make it myself I began trying to recreate “The Birthday Cake”  and that special feeling that came along with it for all my friend’s birthdays and even making excuses to bring it into work.

It took a few years but I eventually realized I had a passion for not only baking but for creating unique cakes that made people feel special about themselves.

I enrolled in Culinary school and began my journey into the world of custom cakes.  I worked with some of the best pastry chefs and cake designers and now 15 years later offer you all of my experience to help make your special event truly special.

There is no better feeling than receiving a cake that is specifically designed to your desired tastes and personality whether you are ordering for yourself or for someone else.


I am grateful to work with you to design your special event cake click here to contact me.

Thank you,

Jen Jensen